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Inside TB303

“Societies only have waste products while acquiring fresh raw material remains a cheaper option than recycling.” ― Peter F. Hamilton

About Us

We are a local tech start up based in Dorrington that was inspired by seeing the amount of things that are needlessly thrown away. It cannot have escaped your attention that we live in a throw away society, and I was well and truly part of that until one day...

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Vintage TR909

Our Services

We provide a range of services, from fixing electronic musical instruments to recording studio equipment. We can perform custom modifications and carry out servicing on your gear.
Our terms and conditions for repair work are here.

Equipment Repairs

We provide a comprehensive repair service for electronic musical instruments and recording studio gear.

Mr Circuit can fix worn out buttons, pots, and also resurrect dead equipment. We have fixed many synthesizers and pieces of recording studio equipment in our time, ranging from analog synths and tube compressors, all the way to the latest gear.

Bench Fee Applies - See our pricing section for more information

Emu repair
synth repair

Synth Specialists

We love analogue and digital gear here, and being musicians ourselves Mr Circuit is uncomprimising in carrying out servicing and repairs to the highest standard.

Some of the vintage gear we have worked on include Roland TB 303, SH101, TR909, Korg MS 20, and Moog synths.

SH101 repair

Custom modifications

We provide a range of synth mods at Mr circuit, some examples are circuit bent synth mods, custom midi retrofits, and guitar effects pedal mods.

We provide a full service from rewiring to chassis modifications. Please contact us to discuss your options

Some of the mods we have done include TR909 drum mods, Korg poly 800 poly beast, TB303 borg modification

synth modification
synth modification

Electronics builds - Custom synths

We can build analogue synthesizers and effects units for you. Some of the synths I have made include the RE303 (TB303 clone) and Jasper (EDM Wasp clone). I have also built custom effects units and made modifications of original designs as well as making my own custom effects. I can build a synthesizer or botique guitar pedal for you, the sky really is the limit! Please contact me for more information.


Electrical design and Install Services

We provide a full and comprehensive electrical design, installation and maintenance service. We can project manage every aspect from concept to finsihed article.

What specifically can we do?

Mr Circuit can fix existing electrical systems such as CCTV, audio installations, and provide complete PAT testing services and maintenance. We are able to supply and fit offices with IT equipment and cloud intergrated network infrastructure for complete mobile working solutions. I am personally involved in designing customised electronic systems for various industrial applications. I have been heavily involved in environmental monitoring systems with integrated mesh networked sensor modules, and real time monitoring on mobile devices. Furthermore I have designed and programmed full PLC/ eSCADA systems using C++. We also offer a PCB design service using CAD deign software. We even design and build retro arcade games machines and cabinets. In the past we have even reverse engineered microchips in order to repair aging equipment, and been able to insert a digital system in place to provide the correct signals. With Mr Circuit, whatever your electronic application needs we can cater for your whether its a bit of needed maintenance, a PA system install, PCB design or building a state of the art mesh networked logical control system

electrical safety


Fun projects and stuff



At Mr Circuit we actually care that our customers are satisfied and that we are playing our part to protect the environment. We want to make repairing our electronics the default option and turn the tide against the throw away society.


    Repair is sustainable, unlike extracting raw materials from the ground and using energy in manufacturing and shipping. Whilst recycling is better than throwing stuff away it still uses huge amounts of energy and is not as preferable as reusing things. By repairing our items and extending their lifespan we are being more responsible.


    Manufacturers want you to throw away your perfectly good stuff and buy new so they can take more of your money. We have the right to demand well engineered products that are built to last and not designed to fail. We also have the right to access technical documentation, schematics, error codes, and expect things are user servicable with a supply of reasonably priced spare parts.


    Repair can be learnt and problem solving is a useful life skill. Most people are put off from repair because they feel they lack the technical skills but in reality it is a logical process of elimination. It is actually a good thing to know how to repair things and one can derive alot of satisfaction from resurrecting a dead device.


Here are some example scenarios of our pricing. We will always be upfront with you but this is only a rough guide as there are many factors that may affect our estimates such as distance, accessabiltiy etc. Please contact us for more information


From £40 Per hour

  • Synth Repair!

    We fix all models of synthesizer and many items of recording studio equipment.

  • Standard rate

    The first hours labour is charged at £40. This fee is payable up front and covers an hours inspection time.

  • Additional hours

    Some repairs will take longer, we charge 1/2 day at £125 rounded to the hour (e.g 5 hours £165)

Design Services

Electronic system design & install

  • Repair & Install

    We can repair existing electrical installs and design & commission customised equipment.

  • Systems Design

    We can design custom systems from concept, circuit boards, logic systems, and bespoke chip reverse engineering solutions.
  • Talk to us

    We charge installs out at £250 a day. System design, CAD PCB design and C++ programming please contact us.

Our Gallery

Some of the 'interesting' sights working on projects!


Allen & Heath MOD 3

This mixer is from 1979 and needed a complete overhaul. This was a gargantuan project done during...


Roland JP8000 Repair

JP800 distorting output problem is related to failing output capacitors. By changing these we can solve the JP8000 low volume and crackling problems...


Samsung NP-RV11 Laptop

This laptop was found to be not working, since a young child trod on the charging lead. Unfortunately, it damaged the power connector and it was no longer able to charge. When trying to charge it...



Please email in the first instance.


Dorrington, Shropshire. Visitors strictly by appointment only.

For online enquiries fill in fhe form below. Please note; check the PRICING section before asking for quotes. We charge a bench fee for inspecting any faulty PCBs, we are unable to provide a free fault diagnosis service, or diagnose anything over email without the machine in front of us.

If contacting regarding electronic faults, please try and include as much information as you can i.e. is it still working? Did the item turn on briefly for a few seconds before it died? Please check your junk email I always aim to reply within 24 hours bar exceptional circumstances. Our terms and conditions for repair work are here.